Saturday, 2 January 2016

Picture This #334 ~ Street Scenes

Thank you for showing my English postman trolley as the banner Mitch, and thanks for hosting Heidi.

I have been quite isolated at home over the holidays with a two week cold and not had much chance to get out and take photos, so will be depending on my archive here.

This is the sort of photo you take from the car if you happen to be behind the local garbage disposal van


I saw this musician in our town of Solothurn. If I remember rightly he was singing in Russian.
Musician Solothurn

It was market day in Solothurn and here is a stall run by the lady on the left and her family. It is her daughter on the right. The lady is a farmer's wife and sells the produce from her farm. I know she is up almost all night on Friday preparing everything for the stall. Her daughter is also a member of the Swiss CID but helps on Saturday morning. They are both good friends of mine.
Kathi and Marianne

This is one of my London photos, taken near Leicester Square. The so-called Swiss Center used to be there, but it no longer was worth keeping so it was removed. However they kept a corner for Switzerland with this arrangement showing all the Swiss Kanton shields.
Swiss Court near Leicester Square, London


  1. That is not a garbage shot though. ;)

    Wonderful capture of the arcordion player.
    I always thought it was wonderful that
    there still are market in this modern world

    wow that is a great collection of shields.

  2. Hi Pat wow love your shots especially the garbage amn and the last on in London
    hope you get better soon--I have it to

    your banner is cool and fits the theme perfectly

  3. Hi Pat!! Great shots for Heidi's theme. Garbage collecting isn't something I'd want to do at any time of year, but particularly in that weather!! Great shot of the street musician. Nice shot of the mother and daughter preparing the market-stall. I love traditional markets. The last shot is quite funny, considering where you were born and where you live now!! You could say 'home from home' !!

  4. Hi Pat! Congrats on the banner shot. Love the snowy garbage van; looks like Michigan. I would like to have heard the musician singing, and would very much like to shop at the market. Lovely street sign shot. Nice perspective.

  5. Hi Pat! Beautiful colour contrast in the top photo.... The accordion player seems to be whistling or maybe just singing. Whatever he was doing, that's a very nice shot. Ah, the market scene, I really love it... the greens look very fresh and that woman's polar cardigan is green, too! Interesting display of the shields... good idea!