Saturday, 23 January 2016


Congratulations, Benni, for the very beautiful banner image!
Thanks, Pat, for the very interesting theme. At first, I thought I would skip this week, but then I changed my mind...

Who knows what this strange thing is? I saw it on a wall block at a pathway by the riverside. I have no idea at all what this is...

Strange shape of the remnants of a swallow's nest

Not spaghetti but wool yarns!!!
Aluminium scraps strange


  1. Whatever it is, it's awesome looking! Looks like it has tentacles.

    Cool shot of the nest.

    Love the yarn in the meat grinder. What an unusual sight.

    The aluminum scraps make an interesting shot.

  2. Hi Belita! Your first picture is both strange and oddly beautiful. I would guess there are two of them, perhaps thrown up by the river. Marvelous swallow's nest and I noticed the little spider by the lamp. Very cute yarn display - the maker was being quite creative. My favorite is the aluminum scraps, so many different shapes and textures and shadings.

  3. cool Belita all so cool for the strangest of strange things

  4. I was wondering which planet you were on when you took the first photo, something really completely different. certainly a strange nest and I love the spaghetti machine, really original. Nice aluminium scraps in their diversity.

  5. Cool seaworm

    A chinaman might just have dropped by

    Is it on its last ropes?

    Wonderful jumble of shapes and angles.

  6. Hi Belita!! Wonderful shots for this week's theme!! You certainly have some strange finds there!! Not quite sure what kind of creature that is in your first shot. It does remind me somewhat of a sea-urchin, or at least part of one. I am familiar with the shape in the second shot. Some years ago, when I lived in a previous house, I had those birds nesting in my garage, and they built several nests. I really like the artist's creativity in making the wool-yarn look like spaghetti!! Cool shot of the aluminium scraps....all ready to be recycled and used again.