Saturday, 2 January 2016

Picture This #334 ~ Street Scenes

Here in Florida, in the midst of 5 half-unpacked bags and cries of "Where did you put the _____?",  I am happily posting some street scenes.

Green tractor

Tractor in front of my Michigan house.


Not our house down here, but the perfect address.


Palm lined street.

I will be around shortly to see everyone's pictures and comment.


  1. The Little Tractor That Could...

    Lovely shot of the house and palmtrees

  2. Hi Benni!! Hope you're enjoying Florida!! Great shot of the tractor and the driver giving you the thumbs-up!! Lovely house in the second shot, and yes....the perfect address!! Cool shot of the palm avenue.

  3. Hi Benni and hope you are slowly settling in lol love your shots and love the house we all want
    enjoy your time and take lots of photos for us beach and water lovers

  4. Hi Benni! I can't hear the cries but I love the three shots, particularly the bottom one. Tall palm trees are very elegant and they add a charming touch to wherever they are seen...
    May you have a since stay over there...

  5. Good photos from Florida. Look like you ordered the tractor at the right time. I nice whitewashed house in the second photo and palm trees in a row, something completely different to what I am used to.