Saturday, 9 January 2016

Picture This #335 ~ Taking It Easy

Thanks for hosting Benni and love the perspective of the banner photo from Anders

I have just realised that I have almost no photos of relaxation, at least not so many that I want to make public. However I have sorted out a few

Here is a shot of Mr. Swiss taking it easy with Fluffy.

Fluffy and Mr. Swiss

My dad and my friend's mother, both about 93-94 years old at the time of the photo.
Dad and Win

Three relaxing cows.
Cows in Feldbrunnen

And I am cheating a little on this one. It was taken at my son's wedding in Germany where my son and I were relaxing and having a conversation.
Various wedding photos


  1. wonderful Pat love all of them especially the little cheater at the end

  2. Hi Pat, nice shots for the theme. That is a beautiful portrait of Mr. Swiss and Fluffy. Nice shot of the two older people relaxing and reading the news. Your cow shot is a winner; love seeing animals taking it easy. And beautiful one of you and your son.

  3. Hi Pat! Love your four pictures for this week's theme, while the photo of the two elderly persons is very special at my eyes. How nice at that age being still able to read and your father with no reading glasses...

  4. Hi Pat!! Lovely shots for Benni's theme!!! A wonderful shot of Mr Swiss and Fluffy relaxing and having a conversation. Nice shot of your dad and his friend. Is that in the sheltered apartment complex where he lives now? Those cows certainly look relaxed!! However, cows also often lay down when rain is expected. Hope it was just because they were tired!! Lovely shot of you and your son.

    1. The photo of my dad and my friend's mum was taken at my friend's place about a year before dad went to the extra care home. since the photo my friend's mother has unfortunately passed on. My dad has reading glasses, but only uses them in emergencies really, otherwise I rarely see him wearing them. He always had good eyesight, probably because he never had a computer. Only his hearing is not so good working all life in a factory and serving in the Royal Artillery in the war on the heavy guns.

  5. Wonderful shot of the two of them

    Terrific photo of the old at rest

    "We're jest chillin'."

    Lovely capture of you and your son