Sunday, 3 January 2016


Love the theme, Heidi! Love the banner image, Pat!
From a very foggy Lisbon, I wish a Happy New Year to all of you!

The photos below were all taken during my recent stay in Madrid

Brooming leaves in front of Ritz Hotel STREET SCENE

In the morning of Christmas day at El Retiro Park STREET SCENE 

Jack of all trades - itinerant repair service STREET SCENE


  1. Happy New Year to you, Belita! Three vey nice shots for the theme. The woman brooming leaves looks unhappy or just bored. Seems like it was a chilly morning at El Retiro Park. And I love the truck of the repairman! Very creative; the picture of the elephant looks three dimensional. Very nice capture.

  2. An endless task it seems

    Good thing there are wheels

    Cool image

  3. A good action shot of the cleaning lady who is quite well organised it seems. A good photo of the online skaters, like the poise they have. Am still wondering what he was repairing in the last photo, perhaps an elefant escaped from the local zoo?

  4. Hi Belita!! Great shots for this week's theme!! The lady in the first shot doesn't look very enthusiastic about her job!! Roller-skating on Christmas Day is certainly a bit different to what most folks do. I really like the designs on the side of the repair-man's van!! Very eye-catching.

  5. Hi Belita wow and what a wonderful collection of great shots