Saturday, 16 January 2016

Picture This #336 ~ Statues Or Sculptures

Greeting everyone, this is Mitch and I'll be your host for this week (as I forgot to ask anyone else!!!! LOL). It seems to get more and more difficult to find themes that we haven't already done. I suppose I could go for more unusual themes, but the problem there is folks not taking part because they haven't got photos for that theme. We have few enough people taking part as it is!! So, with that in mind, this week's theme will be one we did a long time ago (relatively speaking), but I think everyone should have new photos for by now.......Statues or Sculptures. 

Here are mine:

1) The Watcher, Llandovery, Wales.

2) Miner Tribute, Cardiff Bay, Wales.
Miner Problem

3) Robert Scott Memorial, Cardiff Bay, Wales.
The Wind & The Sea

4) World Atlas, Durlston Head, Dorset, England.
World Atlas


  1. Hi Mitch wonderful theme --love all your shots

    if you need help am here even late you can ask--I have a couple themes we can use okay

    1. Thanks Heidi :-) I'll keep that in mind!!

  2. I like your statues, especially the welsh miner Robert Scott looks suitably frozen and the watcher could be something from a science fiction film. Tempting to push the world atlas to see if it would roll.

  3. Love your photos! Like Heidi, I can always step in to host at last minute, especially since I am (in theory) supposed to be taking it easy.

    Robert Scott would love his memorial; I especially like the globe and the watcher. The miner tribute in poignant.

  4. Hi Mitch! Thanks for the good choice of theme... I really love it! Very impressive set of different photos you are sharing with us. As always, not easy to pick up a favourite but perhaps the top is mysterious, somehow...

  5. Wondrous statue indeed

    Great representation of the miner

    Wow that is an amazing mosaiced work


  6. Hi you all! Not sure how and if it is possible to take part to the "PICTURE THIS"
    I added two photos of a horse statue by Antoine BOURDELLE. The statue is in the garden of his former studio now a museum in the Montparnasse area.
    Good to know : Free access to the permanent collections.

    Aggie B. on Google+