Friday, 22 January 2016

Picture This #337 ~ Strange

Pat calling from somewhere in the middle of Europe. The title is "strange" so I leave the rest up to you. I have discovered lately that taking photos on the spur of the moment, usually with my iPhone, is not a bad solution. I blog quite a lot and do not always have the time to spend with getting everything perfect. Now and again I take too many photos and some of them are here with this theme - so let's begin

I was cleaning the kitchen and noticed how nice and  shiny the base to my kitchen mixer was. I even left the wiping cloth on the table to prove it was a moment of work.

close up kitchen

And then there was the thing that is over the drainage in the sink - it was before I had completely cleaned it so there are still a few tea stains on it - the natural look.
close up kitchen

And then I came across this last week whilst I was actually looking for something else. It is the side view of a pew in the St. Urs cathedral in Solothurn, Switzerland.
St. Urs Cathedral, Solothurn (14)

And I just had to include these two gentlemen. Taken in our supermarket where they were advertising that you can now shop until 6.00 p.m. on Saturday - it used to be 4.00 p.m. I had to laugh. When they realised I was going to take a photo they got rid of the people interrupting my picture and both stood there and posed for the photo.
New opening times in migros


  1. Hi Pat cool theme --
    love all yours especially the last that is so strange lol

  2. Hi Pat!!! many thanks for hosting this week!! I love this theme, I really like 'strange' shots. So many possibilities. At first glance I thought the object in your first shot was a large toaster, til I read your words. Love that second shot, that's the kind of 'strange' shot of everyday items I like to do!! Great capture of the strangely ornate pew-ends. Had to smile at those two gents advertising the extra opening hours. I wonder if they felt as silly as they look? I guess they don't mind, as long as they are paid well for it!!

    1. Funny you say that. Mr. Swiss met them and exchanged a few words. He asked if they were well paid for it, and they said yes, very well, so it looks like it is worth it. If they only knew how famous their photo is becoming on Picture This.

  3. Very nice clean kitchen and unusual perspectives. Interesting how everyday objects can become works of art when we look at them. The pew is nicely photographed from that angle. Love the guys in the clock outfits! That is very strange!

  4. Well, the top one is a very creative image in every way, followed by a subject that very few people would point the camera at but you did it with a great success. The third is an excellent woodcarving work while the bottom shot shows a very uncommon, yet effective, I guess, marketing strategy...

  5. Ha, Ha!Great shots! I love your sense of humor, Pat! I'm loving the nice, shiny blender. It reflects nicely!

    Your drainer makes a nice minimalist shot!

    The end of the pew is beautiful and ornate and I love it! BEAUTIFUL shot!

    The last one takes the cake! So adorably CUTE! and strange, I'm sure, to come across guys in nightshirts and nightcaps in the mall.

    Great choice of themes, Pat!