Saturday, 9 January 2016

Picture This #335 ~ Taking It Easy

Greetings from warm Florida, I am your host this week. Wonderful banner shot by Anders, pleasant and picturesque pathway.

The idea for this theme came to me watching all the little lizards lazing about in the sun. Just relaxing and taking it easy. I thought most people would have photos that would fit the theme "Taking It Easy". I hope so.

Here are my pictures; I hope you enjoy them and enjoy the theme.

Brohard Dog Beach
An easy walk on the beach.

Lizard in the sun
Lizard relaxing in the sun.

Woman on rocks
I hope she is having pleasant thoughts.

Pelicans swooping in for an easy meal.


  1. what a cool theme
    the banner is great
    your shots are easy relaxing and wonderful

  2. You have to have the right time and climate for a good relaxation. Very good shots, but I love the little lizard.

  3. Going nice walkies on the beach

    "Im jest hangin'."

    "Sometimes I sits and thinks..."

    "To find fish, perchance to soar in a catch some from the fishermen."

  4. Hi Benni! I really love your choice of theme. We all need taking it easy, sometimes... Wonderful set of images, from the top to the bottom all depicting clearly what 'taking it easy' means. If I'm asked which of the four is my favourite, I would have difficulty to answer but, I love the top one for the's really nice...

  5. Hi Benni!! Many thanks for hosting this week!! Great theme!!Great catch of the family group having a leisurely stroll on the beach. I love that lizard, he seems to be saying 'good morning' to you!! I wonder if the lady sitting on the rocks was lost in memories, or deciding what to have for dinner!! Fabulous shot of the pelicans in glide-mode.

  6. Nice theme and great shots! I love the one of the woman with her shoes off.