Saturday, 16 January 2016

Picture This #336 ~ Statues Or Sculptures

This is a great theme. And a wonderful banner shot by Mitch. I am so glad to see your little ocelot taking it easy in the sun.

Old fountain
I think it is Pan.

Fish 1
Sculpture from my rental house.

The Bean, Chicago
Known as "The Bean", it is a large bean-shaped sculpture in Chicago, made of stainless steel. I have pictures of the whole thing, but I thought this, with Chicago's skyline reflected in it, to be an interesting variation.


  1. Hi Benni! Nice fountain, either it is God Pan or some other, it's a beautiful shot of a corner of a garden. The fish has a nice colour and it's exotic, somehow... Ah the Bean! How I remember it well... as much impressive as beautiful... the shape, the material, the size, the location...

  2. Good shot of the fountain and love the fish. A very good idea with the reflection of the Chicago skyline

  3. Beautiful statue

    Looks a bit fishy

    Very cool

  4. Hi Benni !! Great shots for this week's theme!! Lovely shot of Pan playing his pipes. Love the fish sculpture......I like the positioning in the dappled light from the window. The Bean is something I've always wanted to visit, would love to experiment with reflection shots there. Cool capture.

  5. Hi Benni wonderfull all your wonderful shots