Saturday, 2 January 2016

Picture This #334 ~ Street Scenes

Happy New Year, everyone!! Many thanks to Heidi for hosting this week. A great theme, should get some interesting shots!!

Here are mine:

1) Small street in Wells, Somerset, England, next to the cathedral.
Wells Town Street

2) A typical street scene in New York.

3) Side-street in Cardigan, Wales.

4) Another New York street scene.
And They're Off


  1. Love those village street scenes from the english villages. I remember my typical street scenes in NY were combined with deafening noise of sirens and cars hooting- Your scene must have been at the local NYPD. Welsh villages seem to go constantly up and down, lovely shot. I must have walked that street in the last photo as I remember my visit to Macy's.

  2. Love the narrow street of Well and Cardigan
    and the shots of New York traffic.

  3. Great shots Mitch, great contrast between modern New York and picturesque England and Wales. Is that the inn from which came the book of stories called "Tales from the White Hart"?

  4. Hi Mitch
    love all you shots love the first NYPD great capture especially with the bike rider
    love your England shots

  5. Hi Mitch! I really love your choices but that of the side-street in Cardigan is my favourite... very nice wall colours...