Saturday, 16 January 2016

Picture This #336 ~ Statues Or Sculptures

Thanks for hosting Mitch, we all get forgetful as the years go by. We really seem to have shrunk to a small group now. As you know my place is WordPress, but I still have my site in Blogger where I usually do backups for my blogs, as well my own community in Facebook where I also crosspost.

Also congratulations on the banner photo - it really does the cat credit so enlarged.

As for sculptures I do not get out so much in Winter and they do not have so many sculptures in the supermarket. Now and again I take a walk through the cemetery when it is not snowing.

One of the last sculptures I photographed was this bird on the top of a gravestone in the local cemetery

St Kathrinen Cemetery
This little elephant was inherited from my Swiss mother--in-law and has been living with us for many years.
I took this photo near West Ham United stadium showing some well known soccer stars. Martin Peters, Sir Geoff Hurst, Bobby Moore and Ray Wilson.
Champions Statue
......and here are two living statues I happened to see in our local town of Solothurn.
Entertainers in Solothurn


  1. Hi Pat wonderful pictures love the 2n'd one and the last one --cool but all are great

  2. Hi Pat!!! A great selection of shots for this week's theme. That first photo has an air of sadness. The cobwebs make me think it's an old, forgotten grave, no longer visited. I like your elephant statue, it has a certain character. Wonderful shot of the 196 World Cup-winning footballers. Living statues are always fun to watch and photograph.

    1. That should read 1966, of course!!

  3. Great shots, all!! Especially I love the dove, haunting somewhat with the cobwebs and the little angels. Nice shot of the elephant. Do you know what the material is? Ebony maybe?

    1. Yes it is completely out of ebony and the tusks are ivory. It has been in the family since 60 years at least.

  4. Well, Pat, all of them are excellent. From the top to the bottom, I like all of them but the one of the bird on the top of a gravestone is really a beautiful one. The cobweb and the angels make it a nice composition, yet I am aware of the sadness that it implies...

  5. Beautiful pigeon

    Delightful elephant

    Great compilation

    And that is so cool