Saturday, 23 January 2016

Picture This #337 ~ Strange

What a few hours here in the eastern US. Up north, snow and blizzard conditions. We have not escaped here down south as we have 40-50 mph wind bursts, taking out our power periodically.

This is such a fun theme, Pat! Great idea. And, I thank you for using my fish as the banner picture.

Ok, here are my three.

Found on the beach. A little research identified it as a top sail catfish skull. About 8" or 20 cm long.

Aloe squarrosa
Flower: Aloe Squarossa

Pelican, with the reflection of an orange channel marker.


  1. Hi Benni!! Glad you managed to post despite the weather conditions. Great shots for Pat's theme. The Catfish skull is really odd....not the kind of shape you would normally associate with a fish. Beautiful flowers, I see you finally managed to find out the name. Great shot of the pelican, looks like he's trying to figure out where that colour is coming from!! :-)

  2. Three great pictures. Love the catfish skull. The things you find on a beach. They are interesting flowers. I have never seen them before. Those marks make a good contrast to the pelican in the water.

  3. Hi Benni keep you feet planted in the sand lol
    love all yur shots especially the last one great capture--
    the skull is really interesting

  4. Hi Benni! Three awesome and different shots for Pat's interesting theme. From the skull to the beautiful image of the pelican (love the orange channel marker), not to mention the very pretty flower with all those droplets, I would say that I have not a specifically favourite one, but they all are...

  5. I love your banner shot, Benni! So pretty!

    Glad you ID'd the skull! I was so curious!

    The Aloe Squarossa is beautiful and unusual! Nice shot!

    " A wonderful bird is a pelican
    his beak can hold more than his belican" ---I had to add that. I've always loved that poem by Merritt.

    That's a great shot. I love the orange reflections.