Saturday, 30 January 2016

Picture This #338 ~ The Big Picture And Details

What a great theme, Anders. I do not think we have ever had it before and it allows us to look at all the different elements in our subjects.

Wonderful banner shot by Pat, showing that everyday items have beauty.

Gulf of Mexico
Big picture - the Gulf of Mexico.

Details in the waves.

Take off
A pelican taking flight.

Shark tooth
On the shore, tiny details in the sand.


  1. Hi Benni!! Wonderful shots for this week's theme. Great wave-action in the first two shots. Excellent shot of the pelican.....looks like he's skipping along the water. Love all the textures and delicate colours in the last shot. Cool shark's tooth in there, too.

  2. Hi,
    Oh how love these shots my most fav subject

  3. The main shot is truly paradisiacal.

    Beautiful shot of the comber caressing the beach


    Beautiful jumble of shapes and colours.

  4. Wonderful shots from the big ocean to the tiny shells, with the waves and wild life in between. Beautiful composition.

  5. Thank you all. My favorite thing to photograph, so happy you enjoyed them.

  6. Hi Benni, your photos of seascapes and/or pelicans are always very special. These three confirm my opinion, which I presume, is shared by all viewers....