Saturday, 2 January 2016

PT CCCXXXIV ~ Street Scenes

Wonderful theme by Heidi and banner by Pat.

What remains of Valhallavägen in what used to be a thriving borough before it was bought up by the magnate running the Copperplant. Due to that the ground was toxic from the waste people were compelled to move.
 photo SAM_2873_zpsraptqf26.jpg

The bridge from the parapet back to Helsingborg
 photo DSC_0510_zps9v5qft7w.jpg

A cobblestone-street in the small coastal community of Domsten
 photo DSC_0449_zpsmltskrd2.jpg


  1. hi Anders these are wonderful shots

  2. Hi Anders!! Great shots for this week's theme. There is a sadness to that empty street in the first shot. The people are gone, only the birch trees remain. I really like the fresh, clean lines of the bridge in the second shot. My favourite shot is of the little cobbled street....very quaint, although not good on the feet!!

  3. Very poignant shot of Valhallavagen. Sad that we do things to the environment. Your next two shots, one more modern than the other, have wonderful perspective in them. I like the cobblestone one especially.

  4. Hi Anders! Very good selection for the theme... the bottom shot is my the perspective and that cobblestone pavement...