Saturday, 30 January 2016

Picture This #338 ~ The Big Picture And Details

Many thanks to Anders for hosting this week, and a really good theme, I like it a lot!!! Got me thinking  what subject to choose. In the end I went with one of the iconic buildings of the world: The Empire State Building.

1) The 'Big Picture' was actually the most difficult for this subject. Anyone who's visited New York knows that trying to photograph the entire building from ground level is almost impossible. I did, however, get this one on the upper part catching the colour of the sinking sun.
Sunset On The Empire

2) Detail No.1: The name over the main entrance.
Empire State

3) Detail No.2: Close-up of Lobby detail.
Empire State Plaque

4) Detail No.3: Inside the 'Empire Store'.
Empire Store


  1. Hi Mitch love your choice nice to see the building in such wonder

  2. Good photos of the empire state. I took a few in NY, but we bought one of those throw away cameras with the special panorama ability. Otherwise there is not chance to get one completely. I especially like the way you captured the sunlight on the first shot.

  3. Terrific choice of motif. That is the most impressive building in the world - built in a very classic style. Love your choice of details.

  4. Hi Mitch - wow that first shot is just fabulous!! Love the contrast between the buildings and the color of the ESB. I don't think I have ever seen it photographed in that alpine glow color. Love the name over the entrance and am fascinated by details in the lobby. I was born in the middle of the "A". And I really want to go shopping in the Empire Store.

  5. Hi Mitch! Ah the Empire State, in big size or in detail, is fabulous... love them all...