Sunday, 7 July 2013

Picture This #207 ~ Cemeteries, Crypts, Headstones

Wonderful Header picture at the top from Sue, lovely contrast of the flowers and landscape in the background.

I am a cemetery tourist, I just love hopping between the graves with the camera ready to find something special. Problem now being which photo shall I choose. The choice was difficult. So let us begin

Here we are in the Kaisergruft (emperor crypt?) in Vienna showing Kaiser Franz Joseph in the middle, on the left Sissi, his wife and on the right Crown Prince Rudolf (he was the one that committed suicide with his misstress, sad story). The Kaisergruft is a wonderful place for photos - a  colletion of Viennese nobility going back a few centuries.

Kaisergruft - Kaiser Franz Joseph

This is one of my favourites. I have shown it before somewhere. Ricardo Menon assisted the artist Niki de St. Phalle and she designed his grave. The grave is to be found in the cemetery in Monntparnasse in Paris.

Here is the grave of Paula Kalman, wife of Emmerich Kalman and opera composer. I was impressed by the simple beauty of the grave. The grave is to be found in Grinsing cemetery in Vienna.
Paula Kalman


  1. Wonderful shots all three. Love the mid one.

  2. Hi Pat !! As soon as I saw Joanne's theme, I knew this one was right up your street, so to speak!! I'm not really surprised you were having difficulty choosing your shots, as I know you've mentioned before that you collect these kinds of shots wherever you go, or try to.

    All fabulous shots. Of course the first one reflects the fact that nobility/royalty are buried here. I love the second one. If I were to be buried, that's the kind of headstone I would like!! Lovely carved statue in the third shot.

  3. What a great variety! I can see why you like the middle one, it is fun! It makes me wonder what kind of person Ricardo was? The other two are over the top, as they should be I suppose.

  4. The graves themselves are something to see, but the way you captured them is really good too.

  5. Obviously I should not have spent so much time in the pastry shops in Vienna and should have traveled a bit more about the city. Your picture of the Kaisergruft is lovely and majestic. I will Google the sad story as it intrigues me. Your middle picture is wonderful, if I must have a grave, I might like one like that. My favorite is your bottom one, you have captured the solemnity and serenity of a tombstone. I have a Facebook friend with a name very like that, but it is apparently somewhat common. Still...

    1. I think most of us would like No. 2, I know I would as well. As for the story of prince Rudolf, he was married, but had an affair with Mary Vetsera and they both committed suicide. There have been a few films made about it all. Sissi, the wife of Emperor Franz Joseph, was stabbed by a revolutionary maniac on a pleasure boat in switzerland.

  6. Pat, your photos are just stunning! I'm so glad you're a cemetary tourist as I am. I wasn't sure how this theme would go over, but I'm really happy are seeing such beautiful shots.

    I do want to apologize for being so late in commenting.

  7. Love the middle one. The others look so grim.

  8. Great shots, Pat. I love the one of the grave site with Niki de Saint Phalle's art work. I visited Pompidou Center in Paris just to see the Stravinsky Fountain by her and Jean Tinguely. I've loved her work since reading about it and incorporating it into a story I wrote for Kira's "Library" on Multiply.

    I just read that there was an exhibit of her work on Park Ave through Nov 2012. I hate it that I missed it. I would love to see the Giardino dei Tarocchi ( Tarot Garden) in Rome.