Saturday, 6 July 2013

Picture This #207 ~ Cemeteries, Crypts, Headstones

All three of my photos are from Green-Wood Cemetery (a national landmark), Brooklyn, NY. The first photo is looking across the bay to NYC. The second is a monument directly facing the Statue of Liberty. The third is my favorite. Behind it is a beautiful little chapel. 





  1. Hi, Debby! Three stunning pictures. I love the first with the headstones in the foreground and the skyscrapers behind them. Liberty is beautifully shot and the bottom one with its elegant sculpture is my favorite.

  2. Hi Debby!! Love your entries for this week's theme. Love the contrast between the headstones and the skyline of NYC in the first shot. Beautiful statue in the second shot. The B&W of the third shot gives it an extra dimension.

  3. Debby those are great shots. I like what you did with the B/W. The shot of the greenbank path is cool. Like the colors you brought out in it.

  4. I wish I had more time in NY to visit a few cemetereies. the first is really interesting with New york in the background and I like the other two as well, they both have their hand raised.

  5. I love them all, but the second one really really stands out for me. I think we need to get together one day - you know all the good places to go!

    I would like to apologize for being so late in commenting. I've just had a lot going on this week.

    1. I was late in catching up on comments also. No need to apologize. We all live such busy lives, don't we? It's wonderful to be able to meet each other each week, though, through our photography ( not to mention, FB!)

      Yes, we really should get together soon. I'm not sure when our next trek will be because we will be moving soon. I still haven't see Lady Liberty all though I will have been here two years in August. I want to do Governors's Island also. Leon said we could rent bicycles, there. That might be fun. Jeesh...haven't been on a bike in two years!!! LOL, missing my bike and my car! I'll call you or message you on FB when we decide on a particular destination. oh, oh, oh...I reaaly want to see Snug Harbor, too. Have you been there, yet? That might be ideal.

    2. * haven't seen...

      (why doesn't the comment edit button ever work?)