Saturday, 6 July 2013

Picture This #207 ~ Cemeteries, Crypts, Headstones

The Family Plot. 
Roadside Family Cemetery, Greensboro, Georgia USA 


Betty Davis Eyes.
Taken on a trip to visit Gator in Savannah Georgia

In the Bonaventure Cemetery which is a public 

cemeterylocated on a scenic bluff of the Wilmington River, 

east of Savannah, Georgia. 


Corfe Castle and its Cemetery.
Corfe, Dorset, England



  1. You could turn the morbid into beauty... awesome three shots. Love the middle one, particularly!

  2. Oh goodness, the statue in the middle picture does look like Bette Davis. It's a fabulous shot as well, as are all of yours.

  3. Hi Baz !! Three great photos for Joanne's theme. Those grave-markers in the first shot are quite unusual. The angel in the second shot looks so much like Bette Davis, I wonder if it was intentional. Fabulous third shot. I had thought about using my shot of this, but yours is much better, so I'm glad I didn't use it!!

  4. All three incredible shots, Baz and I love the editing. That last shot is my favorite.

  5. Yes the richness of the colors and subjects are really good in all of these shots Baz!

  6. Amazing pillars. Beautiful angel. Great panoramic shot.

  7. There is nothing like an english cemetery. I love all three photos but the third is great, A family cemetery - Alfred Hitchcock and Family Plot comes to my mind - a good subject. I like your Betty Davis.

  8. omg baz, you make me droole when I see the pics you post. I wish I could come back to England to visit marvellous places like the one of your third shot.

  9. You have made all three looks heavenly :) I love the softness!