Wednesday, 31 July 2013


I'm glad to be back on here after my 3 weeks of absence.
My three contributions were all taken during my trip.

Gyoz (Hungary) - It was really hot (40ºC / 104ºF)
Gyoz Hungary

Bratislava (Slovakia) - section of the symbol of the partition of Czechoslovakia and the establishment of the independent Czech and Slovak Republics. Painting by children from both countries.

At Brussels Airport
Brussels airport


  1. Wonderful shots all three. I especially love the one with the baby.

  2. Hi Belita!! Welcome back from your trip!! Ahh, now I know where you have visited :-)) Three lovely shots. The first one demonstrates how kids always love to play in water!! I like the colours in the second one and how the baby seems to be studying the painting. The girl in the last shot is maybe dreaming about having a big shiny car of her own when she is older :-))

  3. Hi Belita what a wonderful set of photos thanks for sharing
    glad you are back

  4. Hi Belita, these are wonderful images for the theme. I love the fountain scene in Hungary. It is remindful of what I photographed in Philadelphia. What a wonderful place to cool off. The toddler viewing the art work is an unique capture. The child is probably attracted to the bright colors. The third image makes us wonder what is this girl thinking about. Does she want her family to buy a car like this? She could be just daydreaming on her destination.

  5. Welcome back! 40/104 is truly very hot and your picture seems to capture both the heat and the best way to cool down. What a nice middle shot - a very young child by a symbol by these new (yet old) republics. Love the little girl on the bottom; without seeing her face I can imagine her travel weariness many of us feel at an airport.