Sunday, 21 July 2013

Picture This #209 ~ The Photos That No-One Wanted

What a terrific theme!!! I have lots of photos that nobody wants, me included, but haven't the heart to delete them.

I took my first one when Mitch and I were driving to Bryce Canyon and we stopped at Dixie National Forest to take some photos of the gorgeous rock formations there. There was a motorcycle parked at the side of a path, and the boots under the wheel caught my eye:

My next was taken at the Keyport waterfront. I was getting ready to leave, and spotted this man just staring out over the water:
The Watcher

And my last was taken in Corfe, England. I saw the car coming up the hill, and took a few shots. The driver knew I was taking pictures, and in one shot turned to smile.
New vs. Old

Marianne, your banner shot is absolutely stunning!!


  1. Hi, Joanne, I am loving your pictures. The top one reflects, in the boots and wheel, the color and ruggedness of Bryce and the area. I like the wistful feel of your middle picture, makes me wonder what he was thinking about. What a great car in the bottom shot and how nice when people turn to smile at us.

  2. Run over!

    Very contemplative.


  3. Hi Honey!! Love all three of your shots for Pat's theme!! Wow, I'd forgotten about the motorcycle and the boots!! Good memory of a wonderful trip!! The second shot is my fave kind of candid. Makes you wonder if he was just admiring the view, if he was thinking about something, or drifting off into memories of another time. My fave is that last shot. I remember that baby Austin trundling up the street in Corfe. Great juxtaposition against the modern BMW behind it!!

  4. The first photo might even inspire me for a ghost/horror fiction. The ideas that the photo can give. No. 2 is a good "action" photo and the third is a unique shot. Not every day you see a car like that. Always good to have the camera handy.

  5. I guess the fellow in the first photo traded his sneakers for hiking boots and hit the trail. This one speaks volumes!

    The second one is one of those peaceful, easy feelings photos that I LOVE!

    What a cute little green car. My car is the same color (del sol)...but not as cute as this one!!!

  6. I really like the first shot, the boots and the tire are great together!
    I like Mr. Droopy Pants too, wonder what he is thinking?
    The little car made me smile :)

  7. The first shot with the boots and the tire are a great still life. I have to laugh at Danette's comment on Mr. Droopy Pants. A story can be written on this image. The shot with the green car is a good one. Gives the viewer a glimpse of living in a small English town.