Saturday, 27 July 2013

Picture This #210 ~ Children And The Child In You

First of all congratulations Benni to that wonder Banner photo, so colourful.

I nearly did not partake this week. I have no children in the family. My eldest is autistic and my youngest is still taking his time, although he is gradually settling down. I do not really like showing photos of the family without permission. The child in me is such a child, that I would never show those photos on a public site. 

Here are my two sons taken a couple of years ago at Christmas

Patrick & Oliver
and that's that. Please forgive me for not passing comments on everyone's photos. I have seen them and those kids are really sweet, but I would only be writing the same words all the time.


  1. Thank you, Pat, for your kind words on the banner. Your sons remind me of my nephews all grown up. Such handsome young men, I bet they were cuties when they were young.

  2. Nice shot Pat. How many years between them? As son on the left looks a few years older than son on the right. My "children" shots are a bit different, so maybe you'll visit and comment?

  3. Patrick on the left, born 1969 and Oliver on the right born 1974. I also had two step children born 1961 and 1963 so life was fairly busy when I got married. Had three children all at once you could say.

  4. Nice shot of your sons. Was it a special occasion?