Saturday, 20 July 2013

Picture This #209 ~ The Photos That No-One Wanted

I love this theme Pat, I have a favourite genera of photography that I very rarely post and that is candid photography, so I opened the appropriate archive and selected three candid shots I have not used before in any themes in any of the groups I have been in.

I hope you find them interesting, have a great weekend;)

Gone Fishing!


Soft Surf


Homeward Bound 

Tallahassee (3)


  1. I like you candid shots very much. The unsuspecting photo snap, very natural. They are the ones I like taking when Mr. Swiss says be careful someone might see you - typical

  2. A terrific trio of shots. So its not a "single" fishing op then.

    It appears to have a lot of drag.

    "Finally going home!"

  3. Wonderful sea shots, Baz, particularly like the angle of the last one. Really adds to the interest for me.

  4. Hi Baz!! Three great shots for Pat's theme!! All really good candids. I haven't done any candids for ages.

  5. Wonderful photos, Baz. I like the guy in the cowboy hat the best!

  6. I like these very much, the color in the top one leads me to believe it was taken in the Gulf of Mexico or somewhere in FL? Looks like the tide came in fast or the fishermen lost track of time...
    That little canoe/kayak in the second shot is loaded down with gear...wonder where he sat? lol
    I like the third one, she is a nature girl for sure :)

    1. LOL close Danette Atlantic coast of Florida St Augustine;)

  7. These are great candid shots. I like the second photo.Nice depth of field with the subjects in the background. Nice capture of the woman in the boat.
    She seems focused on reaching shore and not even noticing you.