Saturday, 6 July 2013

Picture This #207 ~ Cemetaries, Crypts, Headstones

Hi all. Its Joanne and I'll be your host for this week. I had a few ideas for a theme for this week, but none of them really worked out. I decided to go with this one because one of my favorite places to take photos is in old cemetaries. I love walking around them, reading the inscriptions on old headstones. I hope all of you have some similar shots.

My first photo was taken when Mitch and I visited Baz. It was a beautiful old cemetary, Wimbourne Minister, with some really interesting headstones, and twin churches on either side of the walkway.

My second is the gravesite of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt in Hyde Park, New York:

And my last was taken in St. David's Cathedral in Wales. I'm not sure who's buried there, but the sculptures are beautiful:
St. David's-42

So there you have it. I do hope everyone is able to participate.


  1. Great shots to set the wheel in motion too Joanne.

  2. Hi Joanne, a bit of a morbid theme I first thought and then saw your examples. Great idea. Will have to look for some, I think I did some, inspired by Joel at some stage.

    Congratulations to Sue. Lovely Banner this week.

  3. Hi Honey!! Thanks for hosting this week :-)) Great theme, will look forward to seeing what folks come up with. I know of at least one regular contributor who have said they love photographing cemeteries.

    I remember the cemetery at Wimborne, a beautiful place with the twin churches and the sculpted Yew trees. The second shot is rather surprising, in that it's a rather subdued site for such a famous and important couple in America's history. Great shot of the carved-stone tombs at St David's.

  4. Love this week's banner, Sue!
    I like your three shots, Joanne! The last one is fabulous!

  5. Hi Joanne a wonderful theme and three gtreat captures;) One of my favourite places to shoot sorting through my pics now;)

  6. Wonderfully imaginative theme, Joanne! Beautiful shots you have posted; I especially like the one of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.

  7. Great theme, Joanne. I love visiting old cemeteries, also. That first shot is Lovely of the old stone church and headstones.

    I was surprised when I saw the grave site of FDR. He died in Warm Springs, GA at the Little White House, close to where I grew up.(Pine Mountain). I guess I always assumed, as a child, that he was buried there also. He and I had the same favorite spot. A place called Dow Dells Knob on Pine Mountain. He had an old car seat that he would sit on and view the valley and he also had a barbeque pit built there. To me that old barbeque pit is sort of a monument to him.

    I like the light shining across the sarcophagi. An ancient feel to it.

    1. You got me to thinking about FDR, Debby, and I did look it up. They are both buried in Hyde Park, even though FDR died where you said he did, in Warm Springs.

  8. 3 wonderful photos. Wimbourne is a lovely graveyard and a great capture with the church in the background. I collect graves of prominent people and the Roosevelt grave is interesting. I love the third photo, very good capture.

  9. hi joanne, you've chosen a very particular theme that none would have chosen in Italy, but even if I'm Italian I love it. very cool shots you chose to show

  10. This is a great theme for me. I love the older headstones and statuary. The more ornate the more fascinated I am. With that being said I love the bottom one :)

  11. Joanne, great start for this theme. The Wimbourne Minster is a great photo. The topiary is unusual. I like the simplicity of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt's monument. It somehow doesn't match their contributions to my country and the world. The sunlight on the sculptures in St. David's is beautiful.