Saturday, 13 July 2013

Picture This #208 ~ Holidays, Vacations, Trips

First of all congratulations to Joanne for this weeks banner, just love it.

Since being a golden oldie, I do not really do holidays any more and trips are normally to the nearby town. Excursions tire me out too much, but nevertheless I have found a couple of photos in the collection.

I once took a trip to the Swiss town of Rheinfelden on the Swiss border near Basel to meet Heidi (you know Heidi) and whilst I was waiting for my return train I took a few pictures. My son did tell me that Rheinfelden has the biggest brewery in Switzerland, so with son in mind here is a picture of the Feldschlossen Brewery in Rheinfelden, taken from the station

Feldschlossen Brewery

This is the River Aar in Bern, the capital city of Switzerland, about 40 minutes by road from where I live.View of the River Aare in Bern

This is just at the back of my village, the foot of the Jura mountains.
Balmflühköpfli, Solothurn


  1. Hi Pat !! That first shot has a most refreshing view!! LOL. Nice shot of Bern. I guess if you wanted to save petrol, you could always paddle a canoe down the Aar to the capital. Lovely view beyond your village in the third shot.

  2. Hi Pat, I just love it when people post pictures of places I have been. I still have a scarf from Bern, and your picture of it, with the trees and the river is wonderful. And just look at the outcropping of the Jura mountains! That is a magnificent picture with the stony cliffs, the yellow, green and brown fields and the farm buildings.

  3. Great shots of beautiful places Pat.

  4. Great shot of the factory.

    Love the city vista and the pastoral landscape.

  5. You live in an absolute beautiful place of the world, Pat. Wonderful peaceful serene captures of an old way of life. Maybe we should up and retire to Switzerland?

  6. Three lovely captures Pat as always;)

  7. Yes they are. Now I am thirsty.

  8. Nice choices for the theme. I like the view of Bern and the pastoral scene with the Jura Mountains in the background. I like the blend of colors in the foreground of that photo.
    I must agree with Marianne that you live in an absolute beautiful place in the world.