Sunday, 21 July 2013

Picture This #209 ~ The Photos That No-One Wanted

I loved the stylishness of this couple. Wish I could have managed a front shot.

 Catching some rays Brooklyn Style.

Late For School
 (This is a scene from the play "Street Scene" by Elmer Rice that was performed in Park Slope in front of a brownstone.)


  1. Fabulous shots from the city as usual. What a colorful couple in your top shot! I think it couldn't be any better from the front. The second is an "only in the city" type picture. I like it. The third is also just great, the b/w is a great touch; makes it look like a photo from the 20's. My favorite is absolutely the top.

  2. Not exactly uni-sex - rather the multi variety. :)

    Is he cold in the warm sunlight, one might wonder. :)

    Our gang!

  3. Hi Debby !! Three terrific shots for Pat's theme!! That couple in the first shot certainly have a style all their own!! LOL. I kinda think that the angle of them walking away from the camera is probably better than a frontal shot. I like that second shot....take the sun wherever you can get it!! My fave is most definately the third shot. Not only a great action-stop, but making it B&W coupled with the period costumes really gives it an air of history!! Superb!!

  4. The first is a super photo - who wants the front, the back is interesting enough. The second is really a shot of the moment and the third is a good shot, takes you back to the good old days.

  5. I like the back shot of the first couple, leaves a little mystery :)
    lol at the guy laying in the sun, he's a laid back guy for real!
    the last one is my that scene :)

  6. Interesting shot of the couple. Photographing them from their backs makes us curious to know who they are. I like the shot of the guy sun bathing. Great action shot of the scene in the play. Like the B & W image.