Sunday, 14 July 2013

Picture This #208 ~ Holidays, Vacations, Trips

Great theme, Marianne! Most of my travels have been to the UK and Mitch posted pics from our last vacation. So I went into my archives to try to find some different photos and came up with these three. The first is of the Scott Memorial in Edinburgh, Scotland. This memorial is dedicated to Sir Walter Scott and is the largest memorial to a writer in the world:
Scott Memorial

My second was taken in London, England and is of the fountain in Trafalgar Square:

Trafalger Square

And since Baz showed you the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., I thought I'd show you the Washington Monument, with the Capitol Building to the left. I took this when I met Baz and Gator:

Washington Monument


  1. Impressive monument indeed.

    That is a beautiful fountain.

    Great shot of the huge pinnacle in foreground with the tiny Capitol in the background.

  2. Fantastic shots alll 3 Joanne as per usual.

    The monument nearly looks like a church, you caught the textures of it nicely.

    Love the fountain, anything with water, you have my attention. I am amazed at those huge old buildings, looks like a castle?

    Wow for Lincoln. That is pure art that shot, the way you have got the whole monument in and showing capitol building in the back.

    Well done, thank you for taking part.

  3. Hi Honey!! I love all your shots for Marianne's theme!! Fabulous shot of Scott's Memorial. I've never been to Edinburgh, I hope to get there someday!! Nice shot of Trafalgar Square. Those fountains get full of revelers on New Year's Eve !! Great shot of the Washington Monument and Capitol. I hope you and I can visit DC together sometime in the not-too-distant future :-))

  4. You have seen more of GB than I have. I have never been to Scotland, that is some memorieal Walter Scott has, very good shot. I sort of grew up next door to Trafalgar Square although I do not think there are so many pigeons there today as in my time. It always looks good, very nice photo. Washington memorial nice and big and very stately. Hope it doesn't spoil the view from the window of the big house at the back of it. Lovely photo with everything that belongs.

  5. Wonderful pictures, all, but my favorite is your stunning photo of the Walter Scott memorial.

  6. Three wonderful captures Joanne, I still often think of our trip, when we all met up in Washington, with many fond memories;)

  7. Globe trotting again, and loving it. Nice seeing the world through everyone's eyes and camera. It does make me want to pack up and just hit the road, with no time limits. Oh well one of these days. This week has had me stuck in place. I blew out my ankle last week, which left me immobile for a while. Now I am able to walk again. Soooooo, these are getting me thinking of a trip by months end. Somewhere, anywhere~! Back to the shots, Number one is my favorite.

  8. Congratulations Joann for the Photo of the Week.
    I love the shot of the Scott Memorial. You got it at a good angle. Great shot of the fountain in Trafalgar Square. I want to tour London. Maybe, some day.
    Your shot of the National Mall in DC is great. You have the Capitol and the Smithsonian behind the Washington Monument.