Sunday, 22 December 2013

Picture This #231 ~ Favorite Photos Of 2013

Let me try this again. Here are my shots that I like from this year.

First is the one shot the other day with the setting sun over the basin.
Sunset on the dunes MLWA

Having fun on the beach.

Friends at sea

And the last, was from the beginning of 2013, January 1st and the polar plunge.

Merry Christmas everyone. Be safe during the holidays.


  1. Sorry Mitch, I didn't even see that check box, until you said that. They keep it lightly shaded. Here it is again in HTML format.

  2. Hi Randall!! Thanks for re-posting. No worries, a lot of folks missed that change!! I've been told that the Flickr forums are awash with angry folks where the 'HTML' button has vanished or keeps appearing and disappearing!!

    My fave shot has to be that first one, the 'dying embers' glow is just awesome. The second shot made me laugh, I guess the guy has friends who enjoy a good practical joke!! Love the gull and pelican 'friends'. But the folks in the last shot still seem crazy to me!!! :-))

  3. Hi Randall! For sure you have a lot of great shots that deserve to be your - and also mine - "favourite"!!!

  4. Beautiful sunset. Having some me-time.
    "You and me, pal." Brr!

  5. Always looking back, I never got as many shots as were offered up to me. Just makes me want to try harder. 2014 means I need to shoot more everyday.

  6. Hi Randall, great shots and I love you at the beach!

  7. Awesome shots Randall Merry Christmas;)

  8. all lovely captures, my fav are the beach one and the ducks. I wish you a happy new year. ciao

  9. Great shots, Randall! The color in that first one is just amazing.

    ha shot...looks like he's in quite a predicament!

    I love the "friends at sea"

    and those people in the last shot are CRAZY! lol...just love the guy in shorts and suspenders!