Friday, 27 December 2013

Picture This #231 ~ Favorite Photos Of 2013


Cool kids
triple cool

Autumn Day
Grilling in a Snowstowm


  1. Tough theme...sorry to be so late posting! Not sure if these are my favorites but I LIKE them! I think I picked out about 20 pics for this theme! Hard to narrow it down so I decided on "people" photos, I couldn't do proper spacing this time around because Flickr is being difficult and every time I touched the photo to space it,it went to slideshow mode and directly to Flickr. Anyone else have that problem?

  2. Hi Debby!! Flickr have made some changes to the coding of photos. As well as HTML, they have added I-Frames. When you select a photo you want to use and click on the icon 'more ways to share', there should be three little buttons marked 'Embed', 'HTML' and 'BBCode'. When they added 'Embed' (this is the option that uses I-Frames) all the codes defaulted to this option. Basically, when you embed an I-Frames code it embeds either the set the photo is in or even your entire photostream (you can tell by the little arrow to the left and right of each photo which you click on to go to the next photo). To change it back to HTML, go into any photo on Flickr, click on 'more ways to share' and when the code box opens, change the little code-selector button from 'Embed' to 'HTML'. That should default all of your photos back to HTML. For the photos you have already posted here, you would need to edit the post, delete the 'Embed' codes and input the 'HTML' codes.

  3. Hi Debby! For sure you have a lot of great shots that deserve to be your - and also mine - "favourite"!!!

  4. Wow, these are great. I love how you do New York. I especially love the 4th picture.

  5. Real cool fella.

    Tripple icecream

    cute little gals

    Sleeping it off


  6. Thanks, Mitch.. I switched it back to HTML. I'll redo the ones on this page.

    1. No problem, I like to help where I can :-))

      They're all great shots, but I particularly like 1, 3 & 5. There's a place in England called Brighton Beach, too. I just have to laugh at the guy trying to grill in the snow.