Saturday, 14 December 2013

Picture This #230 ~ People

Thank you Mitch for using my photo as the banner this week. Everyone had so many wonderful shots for the theme last week. I know it had to be hard to pick just one. 

With the holidays upon us, people are everywhere. So will hopefully will be getting more shots in the days to come. For now, for the theme, I offer up these shots of beautiful people in their daily lives.

RitzVille Blues festival.

Does it look like me?

Windy days, hold on!

Now I am off to do some more people watching.
Have a great week everyone.


  1. love the glasses in the first one but they are all good

  2. Hi Randall !! Three excellent shots for the theme. Love those glasses in the first shot. Wonder if they were based on an Elton John design? LOL. Great shot of the street-artist at work. Looks like he captured her likeness well. That guy sure is struggling with the awning!!

  3. THey had the basin BBQ Bash here again this year. Wouldn't you know it would be one of the windy days of summer. Everyone was holding down the awnings more than cooking.

  4. Congtatulations to the banner award. Those glasses are super, I want a pair as well. The second is very original and I like the third, a match of strength against wind.

  5. First let me say how much I like your banner picture. It is so stunning.

    What awesome glasses on the lady up top! Her expression is pretty great too. So is the expression of the gal getting her picture drawn. Finally I like the picture of the woman using all her strength to hold onto the awning. We see that in outdoor art fairs here in Michigan in the spring. Nice shots.

  6. Cool glasses :)

    It sure looks like it.

    Hold on!

  7. All cool takes my friend nice work;)

  8. congrats for your pic which had the deserved honour to be nominated pic of the week. your new pic are surely interesting, could you find out where did the manin the 1st pic buy the glasses, lol

  9. Hi Randall, these are great shots for the theme. Was the woman in the first image aware you were photographing her? She seems to be looking at you. My favorite is the second image of the woman sitting for a portrait. You captured the moment with the man holding down the tent.