Sunday, 8 December 2013

Picture This #229 ~ Curves

Man/woman made curves.

Just took this one today

Cute little curves

I hate that the pole is in the way..


  1. Wonderful curves, Danette!! The curve of the ribbon on the Christmas tree is splendid! I like the cute curves of the Volkswagen (always wanted one), and the curves of the girls' dresses are so colorful and graceful. Really very nice.

  2. wonderful shot of the xmas decorations
    Indeed it is the very image of curves.
    Delightful dance depiction.

  3. Hi Danette !! Three wonderful shots for Joanne's theme. Beautifully festive first shot, I like these more traditional tree decorations. Cool VW Beetle in the second shot!! Wonderful colours and swirls in the dresses of the dancers in the third shot!!

  4. Lovely curves of the ribbon in the first one. VW was a curve wonder. Love the colourful curves in the third picture, very good shot.

  5. These are beautiful, Danette! I think my favorite is the last, pole or no pole! I love the bright colors in it

  6. Beautiful curves in the three photos... excellent choice for Joanne's theme... The third one for its bright colours, the nicely captured movement and the cheerful faces of the dancers, makes it be my favourite...

  7. I love your Christmas curves! Very pretty!

    I would love to own one of those cute little curves! At least, an automatic one, not a stick shift!

    Lovely (Mexican) dancers. I've been too Quinceañeras with dancers like this. regardless of the pole, it's a beautiful colorful shot.

    What color was your Nova? and how old were you then?? Do you have pics of it?

    1. there may be a photo somewhere LOL I was 18 when I first got it :)