Saturday, 7 December 2013

Picture This #229 ~ Curves

Hi all, thanks Joanne for a great theme;) Also congrats to Benni on the beautiful header;)

My three contributions this week to the theme Curves:

"Jurassic Coast" Dorset England

"Rusted Iron Fitting" Poole Harbor Dorset England

"Lobster Pots" Poole Harbor Dorset England


  1. Hi Baz!! Three fabulous shots for Joanne's theme!! Beautiful shot of the dramatic Dorset coastline. I really like the rusty iron fitting, and also all the little bits of crushed seashell. Fab shot of the lobster-pots. That one is my fave.

  2. Those are some impressive curves. Cool shots of the ironfitting and the nets

  3. Isn't the english coast so unique, love those shots. My memories are of Isle of Wight, but these are something similar.

  4. Hi, Barry, what a dramatic and beautiful capture of the curves of the coast at Dorsett. I love your rusted iron fitting - just the sort of thing I look for on the beach. The lobster pots are so colorful; blues and yellows with the red building in the background.

  5. Love all three...great variety and composition of my favorite subject...coastal beauties!

  6. As usual, Baz, three terrific photos! I debated about putting one of my curved coastline photos but didn't, and I'm glad I changed my mind. Yours is terrific!

  7. You never disappoint, Baz! Three terrific shots... love them all!

  8. fantastic shot of the coast line. Love the two people walking alone and all the teeny tiny people down below that look like ants. Are they lined up there to use the loo??? It must be a very popular site. I would love to have visited there, instead of London. I longed to see the countryside the whole time we were there, but Leon is a city boy!

  9. Oh! forgot the other two. The iron fitting is neat. What was it used for, do you know? to tie up a boat?

    The lobster pots are very interesting and colorful. High def shot, great detail!