Monday, 9 December 2013

Picture This #229 ~ Curves

With the weather outside being a bit frightful, I decided to keep it close up with smalls from the files.


Wouldn't mind being on the beach right now collecting more of these shells. OH well will wait for the season to return. Just have to chill out for now and think of frames to fill.

Curves of water drops, so far from anything outside right now. 3 degrees last night. Now the sun is on the rise so that should change fast.

Have a great day. Hope you never find your lens dirty, without a scrap of cloth to clean it.


  1. Randall, you have three AMAZING photos for this theme. I love them all, but especially love the lighting in the second. It's a real beauty!

  2. Delightful curves in the first two. Amazing droplet in the last

  3. Wow I thought the first one was amazing and then I saw the second one. Dew on the grass is awesome as well, but that second picture is stunning. Did you thread a small light inside the shell? Knocking my sox off.

  4. Hi Randall!! Three stunning shots for the theme!!! I love the curves and patterns of the first one. Great lighting in the second one. My fave is the third shot. Simply beautiful :-))

  5. I have some little pea lights. Battery operated. Just click them on and set it behind the shell in this case. They are the size of a dime.

  6. Fantastic photos, one better than the other if possible. I partiularly like the green one in the middle.

  7. Wonderful photos! I love, with exquisite beauty in all!