Sunday, 1 December 2013

Picture This #228 ~ Natural Or Urban Decay

Wonderful banner, Anders! I love how you capture fireworks.

Once again I find myself short on time and long on things to do. So just one picture and a promise I will get around to each of your entries.

Lily leaf
Once green, this lily-of-the-valley leaf slowly decays in the autumn sun.

Vine on brick
I am adding this old warehouse in Holland, Michigan. The graffiti kids have gotten to it as has the Virginia Creeper.


  1. Hi, Benni, I love the two shots but the leaf is very beautiful... what a light!!!

  2. Hi Benni !! Great to see you taking part, wasn't sure if you'd be able to. Love your first shot!! The light through the yellow-brown leaf is beautiful. Shame about the graffiti in the second shot, without it the creeper would look really nice :-))

  3. hi benni, cool entrance for the theme.

  4. the top shot is pretty with the sunlight...sad about the warehouse

  5. Thanks, Benni - beautifu leaf and wall.

  6. I like those very much, I have a garden full of decaying lilly of the valley leaves at the moment, but mine are now past decay. Love the ivy growing on the building.

  7. That first shot is so pretty. I love the sunshine and shadows.

    Some graffiti annoys me, but stuff like Banksy I LOVE. I was going to post a sculpture by Tom Otterness that someone had defaced with graffiti. So sad. Didn't know if anyone would consider that decay. More of a societal decay, I suppose. Or morals. We were taught to respect other people's property when we were kids. Don't kids today get that?