Sunday, 1 December 2013

PT CCXXVIII - Natural Or Urban Decay

Thanks for using my photo for the banner.

These three photos are taken at a visit to Lund's Kulturen Open Air Museum.





  1. hi anders congrats for the banner. lovely shots, I prefer the middle one.

  2. Hi Anders!! Three lovely photos, although only in the very early stages of decay!! I'm guessing you had problems finding anything very decayed. Not surprising, really. Remembering from my time living in Sweden, I don't remember ever seeing any buildings in a bad state of decay, everything always looked well-cared for, even really old places. Out of your three shots, I like the third one best :-))

  3. Three good photos. I like the contrast shown in the middle picture, modern against old.

  4. Congrats on the banner, Anders, a well deserved honor. Of your shots, the third is the most beautiful to me. I love the faded red and the carvings of hearts and moon. Lovely capture.

  5. Three great takes, Anders! The last one is my favourite.... nice colours!

  6. Love the banner pic, Anders! Your fireworks are way cool!

    That first shot is very interesting. I like the tree mural painted on the wall.

    In that second shot, is that a bird/pigeon cage or coop hanging on the wall by the window?

    The two hearts are sweet in that last photo, but what's with the moon? It's turned the wrong way! Does that have some significance?

    I love all three! great shots!

    1. Thanks Debby. Yes, I believe so. It might have - Im not quite sure.