Saturday, 21 December 2013

Picture This #231 ~ Favourite Photos Of 2013

We made it in spite of a Multiply collapse  we are still together in Blogger. Yes Mitch you can really be proud of this group. Sending season's greetings to Cymru even if you are a Brummie.

So here are the photos of the Angloswiss cockney. My style seems to have gone through a little change this year and I have discovered my love for stuff out of the box a bit.

I will start with something from the Christmas season. The candles are ours and my neighbour always lends me her father Christmas for the seasonal days.

Christmas 2013

I have discovered the hang to something completely different. Shadows fascinate me and my camera. The sun shining through a chairback.
Shadows in the kitchen

I shot this one in the cellar one evening when filling the washing machine.
celler corridor

This is what frost looks like when it discovers the pampas
I had to bring this one, otherwise she would have been disappointed. Just the torture of choice
Nera with food choice

So that's that for 2013. Wishing everyone a nice relaxing time and see you all on the flip side next year.


  1. Pat I am so glad you have congratulated Mitch for keeping us all together. I am sorry I neglected to do it myself. It's a wonderful thing.

    Your pictures are beautiful and magic. I especially like the shadows on the chair! That is something that fascinates me as well.

  2. Sweet li'l santa. Marvellous shadow pattern. Cool perspective. Quite wonderful shot of the frost. "Decisions, decisions..."

  3. From the first to the last photo, all are fantastic shots. The snow flakes is particularly beautiful at my eyes, because I don't have many opportunities to capture them. The last is very cute. That's a 5 star buffet!

  4. Hi Pat!!! Thanks for the kind words :-)) Great shots covering your year. I really like the candle-holder in the first shot. I used to have a similar one. The rising hot air causes the mechanism to spin and jingle the chimes, I believe. The second shot, of the shadows, is fantastic, I love shots like that. No wonder you're inspired to write spooky stories based on that corridor!! The frost on the pampas-grass is beautiful!! The last shot just makes me smile. You can almost hear Nera saying "which one should I have first???"

  5. ciao pat, first of all get my wishes for a happy Xmas and then the congrats for your pics. the one I love most is the one of the black cat.

  6. Cool Captures as always Pat Merry Christmas;)

  7. The grand finally. She would have been mad at you for not including her. LOL I know the feeling. Heading to the shelter today to share some good treats and a bit of caring. Merry Christmas.

  8. Very nice, Pat. I love the warm glow of the candlelight in your Father Christmas, photo.

    The shadows from the chair are cool.

    interesting shot of the cellar, looks like it goes on and on forever.

    My favorite is the one of Nera contemplating her food dish (es).

  9. oh! love the frost on the pampas, too...very pretty!