Saturday, 21 December 2013

Picture This #231 ~ Favorite Photos Of 2013

Wishing all my Picture This friends a very merry holiday season.

These are 5 of my favorite pictures taken in 2013; I think some may be repeats, maybe most. But that is why they are favorites.

Every picture tells a story
Every story is a star
Every star is someone dreaming
Every dream tells who we are.

Where I would always like to be, the corner of Beach Road and Sunset Drive.

A ketch, or sailboat with 2 masts.

Pelican and spray
Pelican beyond the surf

1956 Chevrolet Bel Air

Bishops hat
Bishop's Hat, a small wildflower of the northern woods.

Many thanks to Mitch for all his work in keeping our ship afloat.


  1. Lovely photos Benni, something from another time and place in the world. So fresh and bright.

  2. Terrific juxta of white house and blue sky. Magnificent boat on the gently rippling waves. Surf's up! "My baby drove up...". Marvellous flower,.

  3. Hi Benni! Love the whites in your fabulous shots...

  4. Hi Benni !! Wonderful shots representing your year in pictures. The place at Sunset & Beach is nice, wouldn't mind staying in a place like that during the winter!! Great shot of the ketch and the pelican gliding is fabulous!! Beautiful classic Chevy!! Lovely little white flower in the last shot :-))

  5. Lovely work Benni Merry Christmas;)

  6. You don't like the ocean do you? LOL All favorites for good reasons. Merry Christmas.

  7. Hi Benni! Beautiful shots! All about sunshine and surf, those first photos! Very welcome on this cold, windy day here in NYC. That first one makes me think of Frank Lloyd Wright.

    Love the boats and the pelicans
    and boy does that Bel Air bring back memories, we had one of those when I was little but it was blue and white.

    The Bishop's Hat is very pretty. I'm always thrilled to come across wildflowers while out hiking!