Saturday, 7 December 2013

Picture This #229 ~ Curves

Thanks for hosting Joanne and wonderful banner Benni.

Standing at the road train station waiting for the train with a camera and passing time by taking a few photos. The mountains in the background are the Jura and the curves are our local street lighting and train constructions

View along the road in Feldbrunnen

The East Gate of Basel entering the town of Solothurn is very curvy. You can see the back part of the St. Urs cathedral towering above.
St. Urs Cathedral Solothurn

A curvy plane window looking on a curvy River Thames when leaving London.
River Thames, London


  1. Hi Pat, I am impressed by your wonderful use of the curved lamp posts. A beautiful picture out of something we see every day. The curvy East Gate is very nice and great shot of the Thames and London.

  2. Hi Pat!! Great shots for the theme. Good take of the curved street-lights in the first shot, as Benni said....something one sees every day but usually don't notice. Nice shot of the East Gate, and a great view over London :-))

  3. Wonderful shot of the curved streetlamps, the curve of the dome and the fish eye shot.

  4. Your photos have other curves too like the mountain top in the top one, the cathedral curves and the window in the bottom is also curved...three curve packed photos Pat!

  5. Love all your photos, Pat, especially the first. I've done the same thing waiting for trains!

  6. The three choices are so good that I can't say which one is my favourite....all of them are...

  7. Love the mountains in the background of the first with the curvy street lights, and the scene in the second is wonderful. Have you been inside the cathedral? I was wondering what the three round rooms were used for.

    The shot of the Thames is GREAT. And the window gives the entire photo a curved effect.Nice. My only shot of aerial London was at night. You got a fantastic shot of the lay of the land here.

    1. The two round bits right and left in front of the cathedral are the gates to the city. In between there is an entrance.