Saturday, 14 December 2013

Picture This #230 ~ People

Hi all. A cool theme this week and a bit of a challenge for me as I am not a "people shooter" LOL.

Occasionally I like to take some candid shots and my three Pics today are from a shoot I did at Poole Quay Dorset two Summers back.




  1. Hi Baz!! Three great captures for the theme. People-shots may not be your favourite subject, but you take good ones when you do!! You have captured people's expressions wonderful, particularly in the first one. I really want to know what they are looking at :-))

  2. I like them very much especially the third one - another paparazzi amongst us it seems.I think the first and second you have really captured the British holiday maker charm.

  3. LOL you done yourself proud as they say in the south --great shots

  4. I really like your pictures, Baz, the candids are so intriguing and make me want to know the "rest of the story". Like Mitch, I want to know what the people up top are looking at (Tom says a boat). The woman in the middle is beautiful but might have a bit too much sun. And what is the bottom woman thinking? She seems to be considering something. Great people shots!

  5. Terrific shots. the third one is really caught in the act

  6. You composed some great candid shots of these people. All three photos can be grouped together and titled On A Holiday. All of these subjects were caught unaware that you were there.