Friday, 6 December 2013

Picture This #229 ~ Curves

Hello all. Joanne here, and I'll be your host for this week. I've wracked my tired brain for a theme for this week, and this is what I came up with. If its been done recently, I apologize, but I've chosen the theme of "curves". They can be architectural, structural, animal, vegetable or mineral!! The choice is yours.

My first photo for this theme is of a path through Sandy Hook:
Beach Path

My second is fungi growing on a tree. Love the curved lines in this one:

And my last, the curve of the Millenium Wheel in London: IMG_0465


  1. Hi, Joanne! What a great theme. Curves are something we see everyday, and they come in many forms. I'm very excited as I have a new camera to try out and I am looking for curves.

    Your path through Sandy Hook is beautiful; I love the light and shadows and can feel the warmth. That is incredible fungus. It looks like some of the curved lines are blue. I love the Millennium Wheel, would like to go for a ride some day. Wonderful angle on it. My favorite is the fungus, though.

  2. Hi, Joanne! Very nice path which I would like to walk in person and find what is after turning the curve. Beautiful curves in the second shot. Excellent shot of the Wheel...

  3. Waiting round the bend...

    Beautiful formation.

    Lovely shot.

  4. Hi Honey!!! Love the theme you've come up with!! That wooden path in the first shot reminds me a little of the Wetlands Boardwalk down in Pembroke. Would love to go exploring there. Beautiful shot of the fungus, great curved patterns and colour. I really like your shot of the London Eye. One day I'll have to get down to London and have a go on it!!


  6. Nice theme, Joanne and easy to find a photo for. I really had to do some searching for the urban/natural decay and sprained my ankle in the process. I'm using archived photos for this one as I'm not quite ready to be out and about yet. I'm taking short walks and the foot is ok, but trying to stay off of it. I was really hoping we could get together last week. :(

    I love your pathway through Sandy Hook. It looks very cool and shady in the summer, I imagine.

    The fungi shot is great. I love the patterns and colors.

    Fantastic shot of "The Wheel'. I was too scared to give it a try when I was in London.

  7. A fun theme and easy to find photos for! Even though you are a ways north of me I can always tell we live on the same coast :) Three great examples of curves, love them all especially the bottom one, although I would never get in it!