Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Picture This #228 ~ Natural Or Urban Decay

 The Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island, NYC. It's a National Landmark.
Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island

 Cancerous tree ~ Prospect Park, Brooklyn, NYC
Cancerous tree - Prospect Park

An abandoned bird's nest ~ Prospect Park
Abandoned bird's nest ~ Prospect Park


  1. Hi Debby!! Three great shots for the theme!! I love that first shot, ivy-covered buildings are something I really enjoy seeing. That tree certainly looks like it went though a traumatic experience. I wonder if the birds will return to the nest next Spring?

  2. Beautiful ivy-covered wall.

    Terrific knobbly outgrowth

    Spring-cleaning in the planning.

  3. Lovely pictures, Debby, each intriguing in its own way. Th ivy covered gate is beautiful with the stone and vines. Very interesting growth on the tree. In your bird's nest picture I see a strand of blue rope that the birds used. Nice shots.

  4. Three awesome shots for the theme. I like them all but the abandoned nest makes me think about the destiny of their residents....

  5. I love those three photos - they are really pictures of decay, dismal but fascinating