Saturday, 21 December 2013

Picture This #231 ~ Favourite Photos Of 2013

Hi all seasons greetings

Here are a few of my favorite shots of 2013.

This was a major challenge considering the many thousands of shots I took this year.

Picking 5 was daunting to say the least, so in the end I picked 5 that caught my eye as I went through my folders for each month of the year to give me a representation for each season. 

I hope you enjoy my choices, bAZ;)

New Year with Marci at Stonehenge

Spring: Spring lambs

Summer: Emperor Dragonfly
Dragonfly (89)

Autumn: Road-trip with Marci Kentucky and Tennessee 


That's my Five shots, but the year would not be complete with out Winter.

So a January shot for December! 

Seasons Greetings Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to all our friends at Picture This


  1. What great shots! My favorite is the waterfall. It is interesting how much alike the Kentucky/Tennessee hill country can look like northern Michigan. The bottom shot is also fabulous - well, they all are.

    1. Thanks Benni Yes they are very much alike;)

  2. Beautiful shots Baz as always. Such living colours, wonderful scenery from your travels.

  3. Very nice shot of Marci by the monument. Awfully cute lambkins. Magnificent dragonfly.Beautiful waterfall and mountain lake vista.

  4. Hi Baz! You started with a beautiful smile and then changed to nature to end with two nice smiles.... excellent sequence!

  5. Hi Baz!! Wonderful shots you've chosen to represent your favourites of the year. Great shot of Marci with Stonehenge in the background. The Spring lambs are really cute, and the dragonfly macro is awesome!! The two road-trip landscapes are beautiful, particularly the lake with Fall reflections.

    Happy Christmas to you, Marci and your mom. And many thanks for your help this weekend :-))

    Psssst....don't forget to change the coding from i-Frames to HTML :-))

  6. All fixed Mitch Merry Christmas;)

  7. You are right! Picking favorites is hard. We take each shot for a reason, and mostly that makes them all favorites. Great shots, and looking forward to the coming years photos. Merry christmas Baz and Marci

  8. lovely shots as always. my fav is the one with the lambs. happy new year baz. ciao

  9. Fantastic shots, Baz! The one of the spring lambs is my favorite...just darling!