Saturday, 14 December 2013

Picture This #230 ~ People

My congratulations to Randall on a magnificent banner picture.

I was going to go out and take some people shots with my new camera, but we are having a blizzard here and Tom declined the opportunity to be photographed in the storm. So these from my files will have to do.

Lone Fisherman
A lone fisherman

A union rally at the Michigan state capitol building. It is very difficult, I discovered, to take pictures of a crowd that you are a part of.

One of my favorite people in the world, Bob, rides his three-wheeler around the trailer park all day long always with a smile for everyone.


  1. The old man and the sea.

    I know the difficulty. But you did good job of it.

    The old man and his bike.

  2. Hi Benni !! Three great shots for the theme. The thing I noticed about the first shot, aside from the fisherman, is how calm the sea is. Not even a wave. The second shot is really good, you've captured the mood of the rally really well. Bob certainly looks to be a real character :-))

  3. hi benni great shots full of people, well, the last one is a lone man lol

  4. Three very good shots. I find it difficult to photograph people but you have done a good job.

  5. As you may remember, Benni, I like photos of people and your three are really good. The first one is my favourite. You captured very well the loneliness of that fisherman.

  6. Hi Benni, I love your three shots. The second one is photojournalism. It captures an event. I like the lone fisherman in contrast to the sea and the horizon. You composed it well. The last photo of Bob is warm. It's good to have photos of people we know doing what they enjoy.