Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Picture This #258 ~ Simply Red

 Petunia ~ BBG

Yayoi Kusama
I call this the "Meier Monkey". It is displayed from an apartment window at the Richard Meier "Glass House" that is on the corner of the block that I live on. The lady that lives there changes the costume on the monkey frequently with the changing seasons and holidays or something popular like Yayoi Kasuma.


  1. Thanks for using my photo of the water lilies as this week's banner, Mitch. And thank you all for your sweet comments.

  2. Hi Debby!! Three lovely shots for this week's theme. Wonderful Petunia in the first shot, looks to be quite a large variety. Cute little ladybug in the second shot. Love the Meier Monkey. Would be good to see some of his changing outfits :-))

  3. Hi Debby, love your shots. Great light on the petunia, it looks almost velvety. Wonderful lady bug and that's quite the story about the Meier Monkey. That would be a high light of my day to see if she had changed his outfit today. Nice picture of him in red,

  4. Hi Debby! Three cute shots I see on here and I love all of them. The simplicity in the first, the minuscule black dotted bug on the green leaf in the second and that monkey in a bright polka costume- thanks for unveiling a little about it - make your contributions very good ones, as always....

  5. Sweet little monkey and pretty ladybug and beautiful flower

  6. What a lovely idea with the monkey, interesting shot. Lovely petunia, very vibrant red and a sweet ladybird.