Sunday, 6 July 2014

Picture This #258 ~ Simply Red

Debby's wonderful red almost black waterlilies on this week's banner could fit into the theme. They are magnificent. Congrats.

This is a very good theme and I had fun with it.

My old red wheelbarrow leaning on the shed.

Red berries coated in ice.

A hammock and garage wall reflected on the hood of the red car.


  1. I like your simple red post. Great shots.

  2. Hi Benni !! A fabulous selection of shots for Baz's theme. I like the simplicity of composition in the first shot. The red berries in ice is a really beautiful shot. I love the multiple elements of colour in the third shot.

  3. Hi Benni I echo Mitch in saying these are a fabulous selection of images you have chosen for the theme they are all fantastic ;)

  4. The wheelbarrow is very original.The berries are a shot of the moment, very good and that is a good idea with the reflection in the red car. Love all the shots.

  5. Thanks to all for your very kind words. :)

  6. Hi Benni. These are great images for the theme. I think of the poem by William Carlos Williams from the photo of the wheelbarrow. The berries in ice is very good.The last photo is the most creative with the fabric reflected in the red car.

  7. Wonderful trio - useful red, cold red and cozy red.

  8. Thank you, Robert and Carlo.

  9. Hi Benni! It's evident that week after week, theme after theme, my love for your shots has been increasing noticeably. From the simplicity in the top shot to the originality in the bottom shot, not to mention the beautiful 2nd, I love them all...

    1. How very kind of you; I am delighted and flattered.

  10. Benni, these are all lovely! I really love the wheelbarrow because it makes me think of home and garden, hard work and cooling off in the hose pipe.

    The berries make me feel cooler on this hot, hot, hot day.

    I love the pretty,colorful hammock reflected in the hood of the car. Very creative!