Saturday, 5 July 2014

Picture This #258 ~ Simply Red

Congrats to Debby for a very good banner photo and such an interesting colour for a water lily.

This year seems to be a fire bug year. I like them. It seems the babies hatched and gathered for a firebug meeting.
One of my peonies flowering in the garden
Our local train, known as Bipperlisi,  is a red train - took the photo last week as we were waiting at the barrier to cross into the village.
Bipperlisi Feldbrunnen


  1. I have always loved your shots as they offer me a view into a world which I might never visit. Great shots.

  2. Hi Pat!! A really great selection of shots for Baz's theme. I love the firebug meeting, they are such fascinating little creatures. Beautifully vibrant peony in the second shot. The Bipperlisi train looks very modern and clean.

  3. Great captures Pat the first is my Fav ;)

  4. Great photos, Pat. The firebug meeting is unique. Quite a gathering. Lovely shot of the peony. Nice shot of the train.

  5. Hi Pat! Love your bugs. We have similar bugs here and they sort of gather like yours.The peony is beautiful and your picture of the red on the train and turnstile is very creative.

  6. "Welcome to the annual Firebug's Association's convention's
    on flat-stone etiquette and feed situations."

    Exquisite rose

    Take the Red Train.

  7. Hi Pat! When I looked at the top photo, those seemed to be beads... very interesting shot! Beautiful that colour! Nice train colour matching with the red and white gate.

  8. That's an amazing shot of the firebugs, Pat! That's quite a family!

    Pretty peony!

    I love the red train, so bright and cheerful!