Saturday, 19 July 2014

Picture This #260 ~ Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time my dad was a young man. Now 98 years old, but still has an eye for the ladies and the ladies for him. Dad with his two carers in his new appartment.
Vicky, dad and Brenda
Once upon a time a lady discovered that with a camera you can take all sorts of photos. Now she thinks she is the Ansel Adams of the 20th century. She even takes photos of chairs in a restaurant.
Chairs in a restaurnt
Once upon a time they asked me to do a simultaneous translation for a German (Swiss-German)/English conference at work. I had no choice.


  1. Hi Pat! You look a lot like your father, and he is a handsome gentleman. Love the picture of you. My favorite one is the picture of the chairs, unique angle, great colors, well done!!

  2. Excellent choices for the theme, Pat! Love the photo of your Dad! Nobody would say he is that aged... Very interesting shot of the chairs..a common subject turned into something special....You look very professional in the third shot and I'm sure you performed your role very efficiently...

  3. hi Pat love all your shots love your dad would love to meet him
    now you are Ms ansel Adams aka Pat love it

  4. Hi Pat !! Lovely photos for Belita's theme. Wondeful shot of your dad with his 'girlfriends'!! He looks pretty damned good for 98. I really like all the angles and lines in your chair photo. Good photo of you in the third shot. Maybe with that experience you could get a part-time job as an announcer in a rail station or airport!! LOL.

  5. 3 wonderful captures for the theme Pat ;)

  6. The first pic brought back alot of memories of my late father. Great shots all of them.

  7. Great photos for the theme. They are personal. Dad looks great for 98 years old. I like the photo with the chairs. The last photo is a great "selfie".

  8. Your dad is a handsome fellow, Pat!

    I like the chairs and the gleaming metal.

    You look lovely in that last shot, Pat!