Saturday, 19 July 2014

Picture This #260 ~ Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time, this train actually ran on tracks.
 photo c2ead76d-b843-4c56-82e8-de4d332cb741_zps90f96d78.jpg

Once Upon A Time, this scooter actually ran on the roads till it just became too expensive to run.
 photo d5701e57-c07b-47ae-a46b-61797be4e8f1_zps910baa6f.jpg


  1. Fantastic shots, Nik. That's a beautiful old engine!

    I'll bet that scooter was well loved when it was new. Looks like an old Vespa! I would love to have one...a pink one!

  2. I like the first one. India seems to have a great train history - good shot. The scooter has seen better days but a good capture.

  3. Hi Nik, very interesting shots. The train has a majestic beauty to it. The colors in your scooter picture are quite nice, various tones of browns and tans, and a sober reminder to us.

  4. Excellent shots, Nik! Both the train and the scooter if they could speak I'm sure they would have amazing stories that I would love to listen... Many thanks for your contributions. I did appreciate!

  5. Hi Nik!! Excellent shots for the theme. I love that locomotive, the decoration on Indian steam trains was always beautiful. I'm guessing from it's position it's now kind of an outdoor museum piece? Looks like that scooter gave a lot of service in it's time.

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