Monday, 28 July 2014


I'm looking forward to being an active member in the photography group!


  1. Hi and welcome to the group!! The current theme is 'Stone Soup' and this week's guest-host is Debby. Unlike FB, there is no way on Blogger to 'pin' the theme post to the top of the homepage, so after the host has posted, all subsequent member posts appear above it, the most recent being at the top. New themes are posted either Friday evening or Saturday morning, depending on the location of the guest-host. Active participation, ie commenting on everyone else's entries, is encouraged. Hope you have fun joining in the group :-))

  2. Welcome Lotti. I have been absent for a while and have just returned.

  3. Hi Lotti Dah! ( What a cute name!) Welcome to Picture This. I'm looking forward to viewing your photos for our current theme.