Saturday, 5 July 2014

Picture This #258 ~ Simply Red

 photo 1500e161-ae8f-4e4a-aece-b3f64f2b1854_zps3ae569cd.jpg

 photo 3fd74427-8376-407a-9dee-5ea122a31356_zps51b62e45.jpg

 photo bed2da48-4de8-4feb-8ec7-472cff198dc8_zps87991176.jpg


  1. You too have very individual photos from your country. Love the box in the first. the railay is very special with the man looking after it and the third building is very European in style.

  2. Hi Nik!! Good to see you taking part this week. Three great shots for the theme. What delicacy is in the heart-shaped box in the first shot? Good shot on the miniature train in the second. The building in the third shot is fascinating. It almost looks like it was built from giant lego-bricks, also a rather unusual colour combination!!

    1. The red heart shaped box contains Cashews.

  3. Hi Nikhil. These are great shots for the theme. I love the heart shaped box and the photo of the man attending the train. Nice shot of the building as well.

  4. Hi Nikhil, lovely photos. Very intriguing. I simply love the box on top, quite beautiful.

  5. I am always interested in seeing something from your country which I have never been yet...

  6. Great shots, Nik! I recognize that first shot of the pretty boxes of nuts!

    Sweet little train set! I'll bet the kids love that!

    That building is so cool!