Saturday, 5 July 2014

Picture This #258 - Simply Red

Hi all, Baz in the seat this week, Mitch asked me to cover the theme so here I am LOL.

Congrats to Debby on this weeks header a stunning capture ;)

Its been a beautiful summer here in England  and I was inspired by all the wonderful colours in my garden for this weeks theme.

One colour is really standing out above all the rest, so this weeks theme is "Simply Red". It does not have to be flowers, any shot you like where RED really stands out.

Have a great weekend  and for those in America: Happy Independence Weekend!!

Turks Cap Lily
P7029753 copy

P7029755 copy

Red Maple
P7029757 copy

 P7029760 copy


  1. Wonderful Theme, Baz, for which I am sure all will be able to post something. I happen to have quite a few Simply Red too, but now cannot access my Flickr Account, so have to start up anew *sigh* The joys of when you update your systems, I guess? Coming up now now. Have a wonderful sunny weekend. Here is blue skies , not a cloud to be seen. We started off as a cold 5 deg C but has been promised 20 C today. Not bad for a winters day. *smile*

  2. Red being my favourite colour, I want to thank you for your choice. Very beautiful shots of different reds. I love them all. However, if I look at them with attention at the detail, the fuchsia is my favourite... Have a wonderful weekend you too!

  3. Lovely collection of red flowers. and very good shots of them all.

  4. Hi Baz!! Many thanks for hosting this week. Great choice of theme. I really like all of your red flowers, but I particularly like the vibrancy of the Turk's Cap Lily. Red Maple is a favourite of mine to macro-photograph.

  5. Baz, I love your selection of flowers for the theme you selected. My favorites are the Red Maple Leaves and Fuschia.

  6. Fabulous pictures and I especially like the fuchsia, with its many shades of red.

  7. Nice theme, Baz! The lilies are gorgeous!

    I love red geraniums. I see a lot of them in Brownstone Brooklyn windows.

    The red maple is pretty.

    The fucshia is my favorite. Absolutely lovely!